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As I stood at my bathroom sink and looked over my shoulder at the sleeping beauty that was in my king-sized bed, I couldn’t help but think about how we had arrived at this point.

It started a couple months before when I relocated from Albany, New York to Orlando, Florida for a high-level position with one of the leading computer companies in the United States. Even though I was familiar with the Orlando area, I wasn’t interested in hitting the club scene for excitement. At thirty-one years old, I was past the partying stage of my life. I simply wanted to find a decent place to go every once in a while to have some fun. I asked some of my friends for some tips on where the lesser-known hotspots were in the area. Instantly they all recommended a tavern called Keegan’s about fifteen minutes outside of downtown Orlando. I was told Keegan’s had the best bar food in the area, and as one of my friends put it by quoting Ludacris, one of the waitresses was “a stone cold stunner, hotter than the summer.”

After sitting in my house alone for the first week I was in Orlando, I decided to give Keegan’s a shot. I hadn’t made it through the front door when I decided I liked the place. There was nothing fancy about it, but the atmosphere set it apart from any other tavern I’d ever been to in the United States. As I looked around to find a seat, she walked into the main room of the tavern. I immediately realized that she was the one my friend told me about.

As she walked towards me, I started mentally sizing her up. Five-eight, five-nine. A buck fifty, if that. Long dark brown hair that goes down to her nipples. C-cup or a small D-cup. All I knew was that, at six foot two and two hundred eighty pounds, I was huge compared to her.

“There’s a table this way if you want one,” she said to me with the sweetest, sexiest voice I’d ever heard. As I sat down, she told me her name was Stella. I ordered a Budweiser, a bacon cheeseburger, and some fries. I couldn’t help but stare at her as she walked to the bar. Her black pants hugged his wide hips and her ass shook just enough to make me lose my train of thought. She brought my food and beer to me a short time later and, with a seductive smile, told me to just holler if I needed anything else.

I spent about two hours at Keegan’s that night pretending to watch the basketball game that was on the television near my table, but in all actuality, I was fantasizing about her. I must have made an impression on Stella, because when she brought me my bill, her name and telephone number were written on the back. When she came to collect my payment, she told me that she’d be off work around one and she was anticipating hearing from me. I looked at my watch. It was only 9:30. I put a $100 bill on the table as Stella’s tip, went home and spent the next three hours debating making the call, which naturally I made.

We spent almost four hours talking that night. We got to know pretty much everything about each other. Stella told me that she was twenty-two, and her birthday was in a month. I told her I was thirty-one, and my birthday was at the end of July. We learned about each other’s interests, hobbies, and life goals. Stella told me she was the youngest of three children, and I told her I was the oldest of six. We told each other about the tattoos and piercings we had. Well, I told her about the ones I used to have. I told her that I was single and just looking to make friends. Stella told me that she had a boyfriend she’d been with for two years, but they were having problems and she was seriously considering ending it.

Over the course of the next several weeks, we hung out quite a few times. She acted as my personal tour guide, and showed me some of her favorite places to go. We went to the movies and dinner a few times, always as my treat. I started to develop a serious attraction for Stella. As much as I wanted to kiss her (among other things), I held back, and never made a move since she had a boyfriend and I didn’t want to cause trouble. One night, about a week before her birthday, Stella called me and was crying. She explained that she broke up with her boyfriend after he accused her of cheating on him. Even after she vehemently denied it, he went into a hysterical fit and called her every name in the book. She told me that I was the only guy she felt comfortable talking to about it. I thought to myself, Great. All she sees me as is her best guy friend. We made plans to meet up for coffee the next morning to talk face-to-face, and ended up making plans for me to take her out on her birthday. We agreed on dinner at The Boheme Restaurant.

The day of her birthday, I went out shopping and bought Stella a few small gifts to show I cared. Nothing fancy, nothing over-the-top, but things you’d expect a friend to get you for your birthday. I got her a couple CDs, DVDs, and a book that she told me she really wanted to read. I called Stella that afternoon to let her know what time I’d be by to pick her up, and she told me she couldn’t wait. On my way to her house, I stopped at a florist and bought her a dozen long-stemmed red roses. I arrived at Stella’s house and stood at the door as I waited for her to answer. After a few moments, the door opened and Stella stood there looking even more beautiful than I could imagine. She was wearing a low-cut body-hugging red dress, and had her hair curled. She looked stunning. I handed her the flowers, and we were soon on our way to dinner, which ended up being rather unimpressive despite The Boheme being one of the fanciest upscale restaurants in theOrlandoarea.

After leaving The Boheme, we went back to my house, since I left her gifts there. Stella opened each one and thanked me for them. Then she shocked me by making the first move. That first kiss was so intense that words can’t accurately describe it. Our innocent friendship was gone at that same moment. We stared into each other’s eyes, and out carnal urges took over. As she unbuttoned my shirt, she told me that she had been wanting this ever since the first night we met. I unzipped her dress, pulled it off her, and saw the skimpiest, sexiest bra and panties that could be called a bra and panties. I picked her up, and started nibbling on her ear as I carried her to my bedroom.

Laying her down on the bed, I unclasped Stella’s almost nonexistent bra and pulled it off her. Her nipples were erect and I proceeded to take them into my mouth as I leaned over her, sliding my right hand slowly down her body. I bit her nipples as I ran my hand over her mound and felt how wet she already was. I pulled her panties to the side and flicked my thumb over her clit, causing her to moan loudly. I kissed my way down Stella’s body and nibbled on her inner thighs as I pulled the rest of my suit off. I nipped at her soft wet lips before gliding my tongue up between them, savoring the taste of her juices. Stella ran her hands through my hair and tightened her legs around my head as I let my tongue get a workout.

After about ten minutes of me focusing on giving her pleasure, Stella opened her legs and told me to lie on my back. Kneeling to my side, she ran her pierced tongue over my nipples as her hand slipped into my boxers and wrapped around my hard shaft. After flicking her wrist a few times, Stella pulled my boxers down and slowly worked her way up my rod, running her tongue stud over every inch of it before swirling her tongue around my head. Looking into my eyes, she proceeded to take all seven inches deep into her mouth as she cupped my massive scrotum in her hand. I grabbed her right ankle and pulled her on top of me.

Her juices were dripping onto my face as I pushed my tongue deep into her tight slit. Stella picked up her pace and was soon sucking my cock like a porn star. Her feverish pace was almost too difficult for me to keep up with, but it wasn’t long before we were both tensing up as our first orgasms neared. Her womanhood tightened around my tongue as she took my cock deeper into her eager mouth. I couldn’t hold on any longer as squeezed her ass tightly as I shot stream after stream of my thick load deep down her throat. I pistoned my tongue in and out of Stella’s pussy as her juices flooded my mouth and her first screams of ecstasy filled my bedroom.

Stella didn’t give me much time to recover. She quickly spun her body around and pushed herself down on my meat. She gasped as her muscles stretched to accommodate my thickness. Reaching up and grabbing her tits, I squeezed them as she bounced up and down like a kid on a pogo stick. Her primal screams echoed throughout the room as she took my entire manhood deeper into her. Without breaking our contact, I rolled Stella onto her back and plunged deeper into her as she squeezed my body with her legs. I fucked her hard and fast as her juices flowed freely out of her and formed a puddle on the bed. She leaned up and bit my neck as an intense body-rattling orgasm overtook her. I continued pounding away at her as our lips met briefly. Stella proved that she was insatiable in bed when she whispered a single word into my ear which caused me to pull out quickly…..


It didn’t take long for her to roll over and get on her hands and knees. It took even less time for her to push her body back against mine and engulf my tool. Staring at the most amazing ass I’d ever seen in my life, I raised my right hand and slammed it down hard against her bare cheeks. Startled, Stella let out a loud groan as she looked over her shoulder at me as she slammed her ass harder against me. After a few more minutes of Stella’s voracious sexual appetite, I knew I wasn’t going to last longer. I pulled her hair, leaned forward, and bit her neck hard as I exploded deep inside her as her third orgasm of the night shook her entire body. Breathless and worn out, I collapsed onto the bed as Stella smiled at me. She rested her head on my chest and slid her right leg over my body. We laid in that position silently until we both passed out due to exhaustion.




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This is my first WordPress blog. I intend on making regular contributions to my blog, so…..

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